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Mountain Woods Rectangle Serving Tray with Handles 1

ZUCCOR Cast Aluminum Antique Bronze Finish Large Rectangle Serving Tray with Handles - 24"

$ 39.95 $ 69.95

Serve everything in classic antique style on this great sized serving tray made of brass with an antique look to these that make them look classical. This amazing Mediterranean style tray is great for serving your favorite meals, appetizers, and beverages on top of your ottoman or coffee table.


  • This Antique Bronze finished Serving Tray complements a wide range of décor
  • Beautiful, Sturdy, useful Serving Tray, centerpiece, Ottoman Tray
  • Made of Cast Aluminum


Dimensions: 24” L x 11.5” W x 3” H
Material: Aluminum
Style: Antique
Finish: Bronze
Type: Serving Tray


  • Soak and clean in a mixture of water and lemon juice to retain the shine
  • Wipe clean with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly


With over half a century of experience in design and manufacturing of gourmet kitchenware, Mountain Woods is unsurpassed in their pursuit of bringing timeless, quality pieces to your home that are created by highly trained artisans and craftsmen.

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