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Bamboo Wood Serving Tray

Bamboo Trays are elegant, serving trays made from durable, plantation-grown bamboo. An amicable part of your kitchen counter and tabletop helps to serve your favorite appetizers in style.

Elegantly handcrafted from bamboo, this handsome wooden tray usually comes with a strong, rigid base that supports the items placed on it without getting distorted. Being generously sized, it holds a large number of things and the two rectangular handles cut from the sides provide a firm grip to the users. The handles allow the users to handle the tray easily. It avoids the sliding of items. Thus, you can also enjoy a quiet breakfast in bed or your ottoman.

The handles fitted on the sides provide an excellent grip to the serving trays and helps the platter to be carried easily from one place to another. The handles made from metals such as copper, bronze, and aluminum acts as a stern handle and prevent sliding of items from the trays.

Bamboo trays also serve as a smooth surface for serving different varieties of cheeses and beverages. The use of environment-friendly bamboo retains the freshness.

Bamboo trays can be easily maintained. Rubbing with mineral or vegetable oil helps to keep the fresh texture.

Buy Online Bamboo tray to serve your friends and family with their favorite starters and appetizers, being an integral part of your fine dining.