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Square Wood Serving Tray

Be it on top of your Ottoman or in your cozy dining room, this Square Wood Serving Tray will be your best serving partner. It is exquisitely hand-crafted featuring light/dark brown finish. It adds a touch of luxury to any kitchen, dining room, or a living area. Each tray is hand-crafted, so there may be variations in color and finish.

A serving tray is made from the best quality wood. The ribbed base is an attractive feature of the serving tray that inhibits the items from sliding around. It has an ample serving area with high sides and cutout handles.

The square-shaped wooden serving tray will depict a classic antique style with a polished glass mirror bottom. This finished work of art complements a wide range of kitchen d├ęcor; such as an elegant centerpiece.

Buy Online Square Wood Serving tray is it would be your perfect serving companion.